Thursday, October 23, 2008

C&O Trattoria

C&O Trattoria
Marina del Rey

So we stumble upon a long standing Italian restaurant in Marina off of Washington. Great place, reminded us a bit of Felipi's (San Diego) from the outside and the area. We will have to update you all on that later. Anyways, decided to check it out and it will definitely be added to our usual rotation! Cool spot to hang out as well as there are plenty of bars and other spots right across the street. It is right off the beach on Washington in Marina del Rey. Can't miss it!
Great food, great service, good times!

Garlic Knots...sooooo good! I could have ate those things til I got full. Oh...and the House Chianti. Its on an honor system, pour your own glasses. I like this place already!

Calimari Appetizer was pretty good. Had better, but it was very fresh and tasty!

Capellini Roma (w/ Shrimp) & Lobster Linguini.

They were both really good, huge portions and very tasty.

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