Friday, September 19, 2008

Santa Barbara Shellfish Company

Ok so this is the best seafood...I SAY THE BEST EVER!!!! SANTA BARBARA SHELL FISH COMPANY... Ask about it!

So from the bottom(right to left) to the top we got some calamari to start you off, crab cakes and lobster tacos for lunch. For DINNER you got the Alaskan King Crab Legs... FRESH FROM THE OCEAN!!! And not to mention good prices too... $25 for 1lb. It's right at the edge of Sterns Wharf, a lil small spot but great food. Make sure you pay them a visit!

Our Awesome Meal... Why??? Cuz we're AWESOME!!!

Ok so me and the hubby decided "WE" were gonna cook on Labor day. I know that was a while ago but I couldn't NOT talk about it... lol. We accomplished a lot as our individuality (yes I used that as cooks, surfaced in the kitchen that day.

Rob mastered his world famous ribs and cornbread and I mastered my mac and cheese and cooked some delicious greens (my first time). I must say we had an excellent dinner! I'm soo ready to do it peep the pics and wish you were there...LOL!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


We were able to record a lil bit from the concert...we were right up front 4th row. Enjoy!

So last night we went to Musiq Soulchild's concert. Can I say REAL music???

It's such a blessing to hear some good soul music. The kind that makes you feel good, with out even goin to a church. It's amazing to me how you don't even have to say the word JESUS, but His spirit always seems to come to me when something feels good. He def has a blessing and a gift. Much respect to him...He's AWESOME!!! Can we do this AGAIN???

Here is a pic from the show. We were right up front! :-)