Monday, October 13, 2008

I Still Got It...

So I, Falyn Kingi, have hit the dance floor again... "I Still Got it Yaaannnnng"...LOL!!!! I think I have really got myself into something I can't get out of now... I went in thinking I would just do a couple of pieces and be done with it... But I'm afraid I asked God for something I really wasn't ready for. But it's a blessing, so I really shouldn't complain... I get to knock out 2 birds with one stone (is that how they say it? I get to lose weight and get my mojo back :-) But be on the look out for me... Nov. 29th and 30th... Glendale Community College :-)
"The Legend of the Chocolate Nutcracker"

P.S. this is a real throwback production with a new twist... If you don't know back in 1994 I was the first Brazilian doll in The Original "Chocolate Nutcracker" so Now we will see where this leads me 14 years later :-)