Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Won Kok

Won Kok

If you have not already been to Won Kok...what are you waiting for??? There is reason enough to go just for the name Its a throwback "go-to" restaurant since I was a little kid. Not only is the food good, but they have Dim Sum...all day long! Shu Mai, Har Gow, Char Siu Bao, etc. Its it. Not to mention, it stays open until like 3-4am everynight. What is there not to like about it? Well, maybe the crazy servers (if you wanna call them that) and folks around, but hey, its a culture thing...just enjoy the food! :-)

Little bit of parking out front...

Gotta get your veggies...

House Chow Mein - of the it.


Marina del Rey

As if this needs a review...if you haven't already been there, then you are WAY late and just need to go. Froyo done a lil more tart. Although I noticed they have gotten a little creamier lately with the addition of their new flavors. Nonetheless, yummy goodness...but dont sleep on Yogurtland. May have to post on that a lil later. :-)

They have liquid toppings now, caramel, etc! Awesome...along with all the fruits and cereals and of course mochi!

We went strawberry, banana, and mochi for this one.


Irori Japanese Restaurant
Marina del Rey

A cool little Japanese restaurant and sushi bar. It used to be called East, now called Irori. Food is still good and its a nice traditional setup inside. Shoes come off and you sit down on the floor. There is space below for your feet to go and they give you cushions to sit on. Very cool and food was equally good. Its in the strip mall area in Marina by the new Pavillions and CVS.

Cool setup...

As you can see, we grubbed and forgot to take pics.
But here is what was left of the Calimari. :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Legend of The Chocolate Nutcraker

Sooooo... I've been dancing these pass couple of weeks and have only had two injuries!!! :-) For those that know me, I am always But anyway... the show is coming up and its crunch time. I've dropped a few pounds due to that fact that I have to squeeze my fat butt into some bodies’ damn leotard...LOL!!! But it's all good... Hopefully this will lead to something a lil more organized and intense where I can really perfect my craft... I love to DANCE!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

C&O Trattoria

C&O Trattoria
Marina del Rey

So we stumble upon a long standing Italian restaurant in Marina off of Washington. Great place, reminded us a bit of Felipi's (San Diego) from the outside and the area. We will have to update you all on that later. Anyways, decided to check it out and it will definitely be added to our usual rotation! Cool spot to hang out as well as there are plenty of bars and other spots right across the street. It is right off the beach on Washington in Marina del Rey. Can't miss it!
Great food, great service, good times!

Garlic Knots...sooooo good! I could have ate those things til I got full. Oh...and the House Chianti. Its on an honor system, pour your own glasses. I like this place already!

Calimari Appetizer was pretty good. Had better, but it was very fresh and tasty!

Capellini Roma (w/ Shrimp) & Lobster Linguini.

They were both really good, huge portions and very tasty.


Beverly Hills
So before we went to the Musiq Concert, we stopped off at Gyu-Kaku in Beverly Hills. Its a Yakiniku style Japanese restaurant where you grill your own food right at your table! The food is delicious and its always fun. As you will see, we killed our food so fast we didnt get to take any pictures of it, but I got a shot of dessert though! :-)

Here is the grill in the center of the table used to cook our grub. Some of our favorites are the Chilean Sea Bass w/ Miso Butter! Yum! Soooo good! Of course the Kalbi Short Rib and Rib Eye are good. The veggies, mushrooms and asparagus are a must have. They come in packages of foil that you place right on the grill. Oh and no meal is complete without the Garlic Shrimp Bibimba! Its awesome garlic shrimp fried rice in a hot stone make sure you get that.

Cheescake was yummy! With a scoop of Vanilla ice cream.

Fess Parker Doubletree!

Fess Parker Doubletree Resort
So once again we made a trip out to SB. This time it just so happened to be our 6 month anniversary. So we went ahead and celebrated of course and had a great time as usual. Took the Amtrak out there, relaxed and just enjoyed being away from LA. :-) And yes, we went to Santa Barbara Shellfish Company 3 times while we were! Good times...awesome resort, awesome food, awesome city...awesome trip!
They had a sandcastle contest on the beach...lots of cool stuff.

We played tennis!

Rented some beach cruisers and rode along the shore and on the pier

We even took public transportation! Something we would NEVER do in LA! Lol!

I would definitely recommend the property...great times.
Check out our photo gallery for more pics from the trip.